St Clare's Catholic Church

St Clare's Catholic Church, Fagley, Bradford

The Blessing of Easter Baskets

Once again, St Clare’s Fagley celebrated Święconka - the blessing of the Easter baskets - with members of the Polish community on Holy Saturday.  This event has taken place over the past 6 years here at St Clare’s and the numbers are growing steadily – over a hundred and twenty people gathered, among them 50 children, many of whom attend our parish schools.

Fr Stephen Webb, the parish priest, led the service of blessing with the help of three young people who read the prayers in Polish and English.  Families had brought with them an abundance of beautifully prepared Easter baskets containing foods to remind the families of the real meaning of Easter – and the many blessings we receive from God.

Święconka 2019

Easter Baskets 2019

Baskets 2019

Święconka 2018

Blessing of Baskets